AND NOW WHAT? (I) (2017)

The title question arises in various philosophical texts. In metamodernism, it was also raised again in the form of «What now?». Although this seems to be a cultural-analytic notion, which I would once more like to distinguish between the former and the past, it is concerned with an interesting question. As part of the question, «Now» who is questioning the present, Isabell Lorey responds to the question
(of which it is further developed by Foucault and Benjamin). On an art-historical level, the question arises as to how to continue with art? I feel it as a fundamental confrontation for art with itself. Always starting from the beginning, always to be in the ruins of the past, to be repeatedly reinvented. The image is also used to represent and break the inviolability of art. It occurs in touch prints and although the imprints fade back after a few minutes remains a little bit back. The work is to change and live. It may have traces and scratches. As an important position in the ownership discourse, the work shows an attitude.
A work which is sterile, preserved so that it remains eternally in the same state, is already dead.

Series of works


Thermochromic paint on linen, 300cm x 250cm x 4.5cm, 2017