HOW WE MET (2014)

Friends were asked to tell a random true story on camera. Shortly before the start of the recording they were asked explicitly to tell the shared story of “how we met” from their perspective.

During the recording the protagonists are alone in a room. They end it whenever they choose. The locations have some connection to the person interviewed and are chosen together with the artist.

«Friends as a dynamic constant in life»

The intention of the piece is not to examine the duration or intensity of a friendship. Instead it focuses on feelings and memories in relation to honesty, which are emphasized by the conditions of spontaneity described above.

A network is created that becomes increasingly complex with every story that is added to the piece. The narrative structure during the recording focuses on the artist. The effect is a portrait of the artist from many perspectives, while at the same time constructing him as a virtual figure.

Video installation, 6 x 2 -10 min, Loop, 1080p, 2014