Hi P.

I had problems to find appropriate words for this work. Also because I’m aware of the possibility that it can be interpreted wrong.
Here are my thoughts about the paintings;

It’s not only about the genital itself. The act of playing and pleasure, which is represented by the fingers, is important as well.
They are not pornographic. They are sexual and sensual. Positive, with bright colors.

But how am I allowed to focus on that subject? Even as a feminist, I’m still a white european male*.

I feel the work as powerful, resistance and supportive.
A fusion of militant resistance and sensual and fragile pleasure.
What about the destructive part which are falling apart?
The paint-flakes that are falling off can be taken with by the viewer. So the pieces are vanishing, step by step with the power of many.
We all are part of the patriarchy, and we have to demolish it together.

I wasn’t sure about the title, so I changed it. Now it shows better what I want to say. Let me know what your impressions are.

Love and hugs

Spray paint on plastic-fabric, 3 x 80cm x 70 cm, 2016